Long Fiction

Falling Down


Set across a near-future, thriving South America and in the virtual spaces of the Second Age of the Internet, Falling Down follows an adrenaline junkie American expat and a pair of information-addicted brothers attempting to uncover a plot to destroy the world's most valuable structure, the South American Trans-Atmospheric Elevator. 

Short Stories

The Spiral at the Center of the Sea

The story of a young man’s voyage on board a cargo ship bound for an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Working as an assistant to the ship’s steward, he is introduced to a new side of life as he spends time with his fellow sailors, listens to their stories and lives the life of a manual laborer.

Before reaching its destination, the ship finds itself caught in the middle of a storm and everything comes to an end. The man is thrust into an alien and maddening world.

With no clear way back to the ship, the man has no choice but to carry on and descend into the spiral at the center of the sea.

The residents of rural West Babylon, Indiana find themselves and the entire town around them changed in a sudden and entirely unexpected way.


Published as part of Rabble Lit's "Radical Romance" series, Realities is a romantic poem about falling in love with Vladimir Lenin during the summer of 1917.



A collection of micro stories and other very short-form writings examining different characters and aspects of an artists' retreat located on a distant moon in humanity's semi-distant future.



Other Stories

Two stories running partially in parallel able to be read in either order chronicling a man's struggle with isolation during his imprisonment in a place of total darkness free of human contact and a woman ,living in the shadow of the past, that has dedicated her life to locating him.

The struggles of an anxiety-addled mind over a single day.